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Why Design-Build Was the Right Choice for This Healthcare Facilities Provider

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Why do mechanical design-builds make sense for commercial HVAC systems?

Put simply, the design-build process saves time and money when installing a solution. Design-build enables commercial customers to customize and build a system tailored exactly to their commercial space requirements, all with an eye toward maximizing efficiency and their investment.

Despite the many benefits of design-build, some commercial, multi-location companies — including a leading healthcare facility management company featured in this case study — can be hesitant to adopt the design-build approach. This can be driven by concerns that critical details may be missed — errors that could adversely affect the hospital by causing excessive lead times, overshot budgets and stalled-out projects.

However, Service Logic’s proven track record and ability to support an expansive national program can quickly assuage these customer fears. During its first 18 months with Service Logic, this customer initiated 20 HVAC and mechanical systems projects across more than 15 hospitals in eight states.

As they began to analyze the resources applied to their mechanical design-builds, the company adopted this approach as their method of choice to ensure capital planning targets are met and improvements are executed effectively.

The Customer’s Challenge

As a national provider of healthcare facility services, our customer strives to deliver operational and supply chain savings while achieving safety and compliance goals for the facilities and customers they serve across the U.S.

When this customer first approached Service Logic, they had two concerns:

1. Would a mechanical design-build approach require too much time, money and energy?

Historically, the design-build process in healthcare settings involved moving from an architect to an engineering firm and then a general contractor, who would ultimately source the HVAC design-build mechanical contractor for the job. With so many stakeholders and moving parts, the antiquated process was indeed time-consuming and costly.

2. Could Service Logic handle the scope of their ask?

The customer wanted assurance that Service Logic was capable of keeping their projects organized and efficiently moving forward across a myriad of sites in different states.

This company needed a streamlined, cost-effective mechanical design-build process that offered successful outcomes for the end client: medical facilities spanning in size from office buildings to acute care hospitals. And Service Logic was more than up for the task.

With more than 100 offices across the U.S. and Canada, Service Logic is strategically positioned to meet the scale and scope of this customer's needs. Our proven track record for design-build success, coupled with our national scale and personalized support, made us the perfect fit.

With more than 100 offices across the U.S. and Canada, Service Logic is strategically positioned to meet the scale and scope of this customer's needs.

“Through our Nationwide Services program, Service Logic works with customers with locations across the U.S. and in Canada.” said Roger Nayle, President of Strategic Accounts. “We provide the customer with one reliable point of contact — someone that they can confidently call to manage all of their facilities and sites regardless of location.” 

The Service Logic Solution

Service Logic got to work straight away, providing the customer with a reliable, informed point of contact dedicated to their program who would help solve challenges, survey new projects and funnel information throughout the process. 

Simultaneously, the customer installed the necessary local and national project management support to organize the program internally. We then collaborated to build a framework for their successful design-build program. Our program managers visited each site during the design and construction phases to ensure all projects remained consistent, on task and on time. The customer and Service Logic stayed connected, with both organizations providing feedback along the way to improve and expand the program. 

The Results

Today, nearly two years into the relationship, we’ve executed more than 50 capital projects across the nation, including:

  • Water-cooled chillers

  • Air-handling units

  • Steam-to-hot-water conversions

  • Other internal improvements, such as a steam-trap program that improved operations and energy efficiencies across their facilities

The efficient, effective design-build approach turned our customer’s capital wishlist items into realities while also improving the daily lives of the facilities team. The safe, thoughtful execution of the projects kept the facilities up and running and did not interrupt day-to-day activity.

Our customer’s facilities director shared their thoughts on the benefits of working with Service Logic:  “Having a single point of contact at Service Logic who manages our portfolio of projects allows me to pick up the phone and call one person to get things done.”

Having a single point of contact at Service Logic who manages our portfolio of projects allows me to pick up the phone and call one person to get things done.

Ready to get started?

Finding the right partner can often be the biggest hurdle to starting a mechanical design-build project. The Service Logic team is prepared to listen, evaluate and design a custom program that suits your business’s unique needs.

Connect with the Service Logic Nationwide Services team today to begin developing your commercial design-build program.