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Simplifying HVAC Maintenance in Hospitality Management

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Managing dozens of hotel properties across the U.S. requires the right operations partners to ensure your guests are safe and comfortable during their visit. For one of the country’s leading hospitality management companies, tapping into the national network and HVAC solutions offered by Service Logic has provided a new level of efficiency and peace of mind.

The Customer’s Challenge

As one of Service Logic’s first nationwide accounts, this customer relationship began with a conversation about what they were looking for from an HVAC service provider. That spurred additional discussions about the customer’s desire for a single point of contact — that one person to call anytime a new HVAC install or service was needed.

Along with the benefits our customer hoped to experience through a dedicated account manager, they also needed a partner that could match and service their national network of hospitality properties. By working with Service Logic — the largest privately held HVAC/mechanical company in the United States — the customer could achieve both of these goals.

The Service Logic Solution

Once our master service agreement was in place, the customer quickly began to realize the advantages of working with Service Logic. These ranged from simplifying day-to-day maintenance needs to providing strategic long-term planning for HVAC and mechanical services.

The following are some of the key benefits that Service Logic brings to the partnership:

  • Account management: The customer has one reliable point of contact for anything they need.

  • 24/7 responsiveness: The customer knows that if they reach out to us today, we’re going to respond today.

  • Ease of doing business: The customer has access to Service Logic’s national network of providers and can reach out to us to resolve any billing and invoicing questions they have.

  • Strategic oversight: The customer has maintenance agreements for facilities and access to Service Logic’s expertise on the project side.

Our customer’s regional director of facilities appreciates these benefits and the efficiency they bring to his role. “As a director who oversees many facilities and continuously travels, time is not always on my side. Service Logic has simplified HVAC service work through managing multiple facilities via one centralized, reliable point of contact."

Service Logic has simplified HVAC service work through managing multiple facilities via one centralized, reliable point of contact.

The Results

Over the years, the relationship between Service Logic and our customer has continued to grow.

“Having that one point of contact with national coverage is a huge benefit for this customer,” said Roger Nayle, President of Strategic Accounts. “At times, their hotels make their own decisions, but recently the customer has been migrating even more opportunities to Service Logic — they like working with us and enjoy the benefits of the relationship, so it continues to grow in that way.”

From providing HVAC services for new hotels to working with chief engineers at specific properties to help them find the right solution, Service Logic is able to fulfill that initial promise of a reliable partner that can provide national coverage.

As the customer noted, “Service Logic’s expertise and ease of doing business has taken a great weight off my shoulders.”

Ready to get started?

If the convenience of national coverage and the reliability of a dedicated account manager are benefits you’re searching for to improve HVAC operations, our team is prepared to listen, evaluate your unique needs and design a custom program that suits your business.

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