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How Streamlining HVAC Services Improves Commercial Facility Management

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When the top hospitals in the country rely on your company to provide the highest-quality medical equipment, having a reliable HVAC partner for the facilities where you house your inventory is critical. For our customer, however, managing local HVAC vendors across their numerous locations was time-consuming and inefficient. That problem was solved once they made the switch to Service Logic, tapping our national network to manage their entire commercial HVAC service portfolio.

The Customer’s Challenge

For our customer, the escalated demand for medical equipment over the past several years has helped fuel their rapid growth as a key partner for hospitals across the nation. These hospitals depend on our customer’s ability to supply movable medical equipment, specialty beds and therapeutic surfaces for patients in their care.

Having a wide variety of patient-ready medical equipment on hand requires our customer to maintain multiple commercial properties across the country. Previously, they relied on local vendors to manage their HVAC equipment at each location. This model was arduous and inefficient, and our customer’s facilities manager grew determined to streamline HVAC management across all sites to simplify the process.

The Service Logic Solution

With a master service agreement in place, our customer now has access to Service Logic’s national network of providers. And as the largest privately held HVAC/mechanical company in the United States, Service Logic has the scale and breadth of service to keep up with our customer’s HVAC management needs as they continue to grow.

Other benefits that Service Logic offers its Nationwide Services customers include:

  • Access to the latest industry technology to drive efficiency and ensure reliability

  • Portfolio management with a single point of contact for all account needs

  • Consistent, preferred pricing based on scale

  • An equipment-agnostic approach, servicing all brands of equipment

  • Detailed, customized reporting with key performance indicators

  • Customizable billing options to suit individual accounting needs

  • Project assessments, design and installation services

  • Comprehensive automation and mechanical support

  • A nationwide team of certified energy managers to assess energy use

“Having Service Logic as a partner has streamlined HVAC management and created peace of mind for our customer so they can focus on helping hospitals across the country provide the best medical care to their patients,” said Roger Nayle, President of Strategic Accounts. 

Having Service Logic as a partner has streamlined HVAC management and created peace of mind for our customer.

Roger NaylePresident of Strategic Accounts

The Results

Since signing on with Service Logic, our customer has added more locations across the country. With each new commercial building added to their HVAC maintenance portfolio, our customer knows they have the consistency and reliability that comes with Service Logic’s national network of HVAC service providers.

“Service Logic has been great to work with. It is so nice to be able to call one phone number, speak with a local person and receive service in a timely manner,” said the customer’s facilities manager. “Making the switch to Service Logic as our national HVAC provider has been a game-changer.”

Making the switch to Service Logic as our national HVAC provider has been a game-changer.

Ready to get started?

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