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How a Leading Manufacturer Saved More Than 10% on Operating Costs

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A leading player in the manufacturing industry relies on Service Logic’s diligent support and strategic thinking to solve their commercial HVAC challenges. Learn about the solutions Service Logic provides to not only meet the customer’s goals but also deliver operational efficiencies and reduced costs. 

The Customer’s Challenge 

As with other manufacturing and industrial producers, our customer aims to deliver superior products on an expedient timeline. However, common hurdles can disrupt and delay business objectives. Even positive changes, such as the expansion of a company’s global footprint and new sustainability requirements, can have a huge impact on the business-as-usual manufacturing process. 

That’s why our customer turned to Service Logic to help improve their facility operations. 

They believed that — with the right national commercial HVAC service provider in their corner — they could accomplish their operating goals, which included: 

  • Boosting operational efficiencies 
  • Reducing ownership and operating costs
  • Driving sustainability objectives 

“Service Logic’s Nationwide Services program helps our clients manage large-scale, commercial HVAC and mechanical service portfolios with ease, offering all of the benefits of a reliable in-house partner,” said Roger Nayle, President of Strategic Accounts.

The Service Logic Solution

In the case of this customer, its national director of facilities had a long history of working with one of Service Logic’s local companies. As a result of this positive relationship, the company felt that expanding Service Logic’s partnerships to all of their U.S. plants would provide synergies, simplify the journey and speed up the holistic project timeline. 

As an expansive, global entity, this manufacturing company gives each facility autonomy when managing resources and contractors in their market. However, with HVAC service, repair and replacement costs rising, they felt a comprehensive solution would benefit the entire company moving forward. And they were right. 

Now, this customer has the benefit of a local Service Logic team that can respond quickly to their service needs, along with providing oversight and consistency to achieve positive results across all locations, including: 

  • Reducing repairs and deficiencies 
  • Maintaining peak operational performance 
  • Extending equipment life expectancy 

To succeed in the ever-changing landscape of HVAC equipment, refrigerants, Department of Energy requirements, capital replacement needs and more, their facilities group now has a national, reliable HVAC team. Working together with Service Logic, they navigate these challenges and make sound, cost-effective decisions while also maintaining and managing their critical facility assets. 

If equipment is maintained well, failures are limited and life expectancy is extended. This, in turn, reduces life cycle costs. Proactive maintenance is at the core of everything we do. Service Logic is able to guarantee system operations, and if repairs are needed, the vast majority are covered under the full-service plan.

The Results

In collaboration with the customer, Service Logic performed a financial analysis across participating sites to evaluate the program’s effectiveness.

In addition to positive feedback, operating cost savings averaged 10% to 15% per site — a huge win for the customer, especially considering the total impact across multiple sites. As we continue to collaborate, our team and the customer routinely connect to evaluate and hone our process and workflow to make the program even stronger.

Outside of positive qualitative feedback, operating costs savings alone averaged 10% to 15% per site — a huge win for the customer.

Ready to get started?

If you manage commercial, manufacturing, or industrial facilities and want to improve HVAC operations, our team is prepared to listen, evaluate and design a custom program that suits your business’s unique needs.

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