From Autonomy to Empowerment: Why We Joined Service Logic

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From autonomy to empowerment hero

In business, there’s something powerful about making a deal that benefits everyone involved.

That’s the model and motivation behind Service Logic’s Acquisition Program, through which the company purchases commercial HVAC companies across North America and incorporates them into the Service Logic family. These acquisitions help Service Logic expand its network of HVAC and mechanical businesses, fortifying its ability to meet the service and sales needs of some of the continent’s largest commercial companies.

For the companies that Service Logic acquires, the acquisition must be equally beneficial — for the owners and the employees. That’s the promise Service Logic makes to each prospective seller and one that it goes to great lengths to ensure becomes a reality.

“In most cases, the sellers of the businesses are also the company founders,” said Ryan Krahl, Chief Acquisition Officer. “They are often at a crossroads with their business or personal life and are looking to plan for the future of both. To ensure their employees and customers are cared for, remains the most important request they make.”

While some choose retirement upon selling to Service Logic, others will stay on as president of their company, running it as they always have, albeit with the financial horsepower and support of a much larger organization.. What is consistent for everyone who entrusts the future of their company and their employees to Service Logic is the positive feedback they share.

From the transparency of the sales process to benefits and resources available to them as a Service Logic company, let’s hear it in their own words.

Reasons for Joining Service Logic

Breen & Sullivan Mechanical Services – Danvers, Massachusetts

We had grown to the point that there was too much to do and we needed help. Being a smaller company, selling was nerve-wracking, and I had a lot of misconceptions, but I was so pleasantly surprised. Joining Service Logic benefited all of us: the company, the employees and the customers. The platform is wonderful — the resources and the people helped us really fit in nicely. I’m just eternally grateful to be part of this team

Jeff Beane, PresidentJoined Service Logic: 2023
Brian Cox Mechanical – Poway, California

We had been approached by a variety of other companies for purchase, and they were mostly just interested in our bottom line. The difference with Service Logic during the sales process was the fact that they were so transparent and didn’t judge us just by our numbers. We knew that we were truly being evaluated based on the people, the processes and the performance. They saw the value in our company, and we could see the value in the way they would backstop us.

Brian Cox, PresidentJoined Service Logic: 2021
HSA Mechanical – Allentown, Pennsylvania

Joining Service Logic increased the size of our company, going from a small family-owned operation to instantly part of a billion-dollar company. That provides a lot of stability for our people. And when it comes to attracting employees and technicians, being part of a much larger mission is definitely beneficial to us.

Blair NewshamJoined Service Logic: 2020
Yale Mechanical – Minneapolis, Minnesota

I’m a relatively new president, and it was important to me to have the autonomy to run my business in my market the way I saw best fit. That’s absolutely been the experience with Service Logic. From the top to the bottom, they’re there to support us, mentor us and connect us. They very much hold true to that philosophy of empowering us to run our business locally.

Lyle SchumannJoined Service Logic: 2018

The Benefits of Becoming a Service Logic Company

Air Force One – Dublin, Ohio

The effect that Service Logic had on our company is pretty amazing. We’ve been able to participate in training exercises and summits on topics ranging from building automation and construction to service sales and project sales — all of which have been really impactful for our team. It’s like our guys have been able to hit that next gear because of the influence and interaction with all of these peers across Service Logic.

Greg Guy, PresidentJoined Service Logic: 2022
Airstron Mechanical – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Before joining Service Logic, we didn’t fully realize the connections they have out there with so many companies in so many different areas of the country. As a result, we were able to start getting leads on large national accounts. One unique thing was that we were given the choice on those leads and not forced to take them if we didn’t want to. And we’ve grown markets like Tampa through them.

Jim Pascucci, PresidentJoined Service Logic: 2019
Carolina Chillers – Lexington, South Carolina

Being part of Service Logic has exceeded our expectations immensely when it comes to the networking aspect. The access you have as an organization to all of the other companies within Service Logic across the country — learning their business models and how they go to market — is immeasurable. It allows a company like ours to learn from each other and apply a lot of those best practices to better grow our organization overall.

David Kunda, PresidentJoined Service Logic: 2020
Sander Mechanical – Branchburg, New Jersey

Service Logic has added a lot of stability to our company. The pressures of running a business and dealing with things like cash flow and insurance are removed by being part of a bigger conglomerate, which is nice. Now we can actually focus on just running the business and doing a really good job at that.

Ken Chermak, PresidentJoined Service Logic: 2020

How Service Logic Stands Apart from the Competition

Air Texas Mechanical – Houston, Texas

What makes Service Logic different from the competition is the company’s focus on the industry — they are not just financial players. They value the companies that they buy, providing them with complete autonomy to run their businesses the way they ran them prior to acquisition. They buy successful businesses and let them keep operating that way.

Tim Hilpert, PresidentJoined Service Logic: 2020
Commercial Express HVAC – Chantilly, Virginia

When we were acquired by Service Logic, the culture was the biggest concern among the employees. We have a culture of work hard, play hard in our office, and we live by it. We mean it. So we do a lot of hard work, but we do a lot of fun things for the employees. The nice thing with Service Logic is they allowed us to keep our identity. We manage ourselves the way we see fit, and we do the fun things that we still want to do.

Dean Mosher, PresidentJoined Service Logic: 2019
Tolin Mechanical – Denver, Colorado

Service Logic and the affiliated companies are different from the competition because our core business is preventative maintenance and service work. The majority of the Service Logic companies are not construction companies; they’re service-based organizations. This creates an opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other across business units and take best practices across the industry and leverage those to help us grow.

Mike Clement, PresidentJoined Service Logic: 2004

Secure Your Legacy

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